Consultant Profile
Thomas Crow

Tom Crow is a consultant with specializing in organizational development, teams, project management, product development, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to working for DRM Associates, he was a senior consultant at Mercer in their Human Capital cosulting group. At Mercer, he was also involved with strategy and new service development. In this latter role, he led projects to develop and launch new service products. In addition to consulting he has led workshops on various topics related to organizational development, project management and product development. His experience includes:

  • Evaluated the product development function of the largest lighting manufacturer in Russia and identified opportunities for improving collaboration and increasing efficiency within the product development function. Earned senior leadership buy-in for establishing cross-functional teams and flat organizational strategies and developed a transition and training plan.
  • Assisted with requirements definition and product planning process and timeline for prepaid payment card company.
  • Conducted cross-functional team and project management workshops for a number of clients.
  • Designed organizational change, performance management, leadership pipeline planning, and executive and workforce rewards solutions and for 30+ clients from numerous industries.
  • Formulated a five-year human capital strategy to prioritize and guide all activities regarding the acquisition, development and engagement of talent at a Fortune 1000 client.
  • Assessed the performance management system for executives at a multinational manufacturing client and partnered with the Board of Directors to develop a leadership succession plan.
  • Analyzed the organizational effectiveness and cost competitiveness of Activision’s customer support teams in the US, Ireland and Korea and provided 8 months of project management support to the HR team during the Blizzard merger.
  • At Mercer, he led a cross-functional, ten person team in developing new software for compensation data analysis used by approximately 1000 client projects annually.
  • Evaluated opportunities for improving operational efficiency at Mercer through increased off-shore support and directed the feasibility, risk and financial impact analysis of proposed off-shore support team. Developed and presented an off-shoring strategy to senior leadership to gain approval for the full transition to this approach. Managed the transition of analytical work from on-shore consultants in the US, Canada and Europe to a new twenty-person team in India, resulting in $2MM of profit improvement.
  • Articulated vision for a new data and research business that bolstered Mercer’s consulting capabilities, countered a competitor threat, and added $10MM in annual revenue. Built support among internal stakeholders and developed business plan to secure executive approval for an incremental $3MM investment in this data and research business.
  • At Mercer, he designed and managed the process for assessing global and regional sales pipeline adequacy, tracking progress of key opportunities, and collecting sales intelligence from wins and losses.

Tom received a BA degree Summa Cum Laude and an MBA from UCLA.