Supplier Development Consulting

DRM Associates has the capability to handle of your supplier development needs. Our consultants have extensive experience performing this type of work for major firms. Our services include:

  1. Supplier selection – We can assist your purchasing department with supplier identification and selection.
  2. Supplier bidding/negotiation – We can assist your buyers to secure the lowest purchase price to meet target costing objectives.
  3. Supplier evaluations – We can evaluate prospective suppliers via your criteria
  4. Supplier quality – We can verify supplier quality data, develop and provide an analysis for you
  5. Supplier cost reviews – We can collect cost data from all suppliers being considered. We would then verify all cost data provided by the suppler through on-site visits. A complete cost analysis will be provided so that you can verify target cost capability.
  6. Supplier capacity – We can ascertain all competing suppliers ability to perform engineering development, prototype capability, testing/validation capacity and tool building capability.
  7. Technical reviews – We can coordinate and facilitate technical reviews. There are two types of tech reviews: technical and commercial. Items analyzed in technical reviews relate mostly to engineering issues and the supplier’s capability to meet performance and technical specifications and requirements. These reviews are necessary when you are looking for design input from its supplier candidates. (Generally if the design is not to change, technical reviews are not necessary.) Engineering personnel must be a part of this type of review. In essence suppliers will come prepared to thoroughly discuss how they will meet the functional and technical requirements previously provided by your engineering organization. Specifically items addressed in technical reviews are:
    • Supplier program team; RASIC chart; supplier resources that will be committed to execute the program; organization chart
    • Supplier engineering design concepts that match your engineering requirements
    • Supplier cost reduction ideas that you can utilize
    • Project timing
    • Product demonstrations (mock-ups) new technology items
    • Engineering Test Capabilities
    • Engineering Design Tools

    Specifically items addressed in commercial reviews are:

    • Quality metrics
    • Manufacturing floor/plant layout
    • Equipment to be utilized
    • Manufacturing facility material flow plan
    • Purchasing practices currently utilized to insure quality delivery from Tier 2 and Tier 3 supply chain.

    We would assess all supplier information and will provide to you with a risk analysis for each supplier.

  8. Sequence delivery – We can assess supplier’s ability to deliver product/modules using broadcast code (time from broadcast to delivery). Using your criteria, an analysis of suppliers capability to provide this type of delivery will be developed.
  9. Launch support – We can analyze launch history; compare ramp up schedule vs actual; manning, training, quality in place; logistics and distribution plan.
  10. Run at rate – We can perform certification of machine capability to produce quantity and quality of product. This activity is usually performed approximately 90 days before scheduled start of production.
  11. On-going cost control – We can assess a supplier’s capability to undergo continuous cost improvements beyond the first year of production including the supplier’s internal Cost Improvement Program; value engineering, cost reduction expertise, etc.

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