Assessing and Improving Product Development Workshop

This one-half-day workshop covers the methodology for benchmarking best practices to assess and improve an organization’s product development environment using DRM Associates proven Product Development Assessment (PDA) methodology and/or the Product Development Best Practices and Assessment (PDBPA) software or IPPD Program Assessment (IPPDPA) software. The content of the workshop is as follows:


  • The Need for Improving the Product Development Process
  • Improvement Approaches
  • A Framework for Improvement – Gap Analysis
  • Assessment Methods
    • PDA Methodology
    • Capability Maturity Model
  • Benchmarking Against Best Practices
  • When to Conduct an Assessment
  • Enterprise Assessment vs. a Program Assessment


  • Organizing an Assessment and Improvement Project
  • Who Should Perform the Assessment
  • Obtaining the Data to Support the Assessment
    • Interviews
    • Process Walk-throughs
    • Objective Evidence and Performance Measures
  • The Best Practices Framework
  • Developing an Understanding of Best Practices and the Supporting Concepts
  • The Relevance of a Best Practice to a Company
  • Tailoring the Assessment to Your Company/Program
  • Assessing Company or Program Performance Against Best Practices
  • Evaluation Scale and Considerations
  • Summarization and Role-Up
  • Gap Analysis
  • Assuring Strategic Alignment – Mapping Strategic Levers Against Business Objectives


  • The Product Development Best Practices and Assessment Software (PDBPA)
  • The IPPD Program Assessment Software
  • System Requirements
  • Review of Software
  • Exercise – Assessing Practices Within Your Organization


  • External Benchmarking to Obtain Additional Data
  • When to Obtain an Objective Third Party Review
  • Developing an Improvement Plan
    • Identifying High-Payoff Opportunities
    • Structuring a Logical Plan for an Improvement Program
    • What is the Proper Rate of Improvement – How Much Change Should You Undertake
  • Presenting the Findings and Recommendations
  • Obtaining Commitment to Change