Product Planning and QFD Facilitation Experience

DRM Associates has extensive experience in training and facilitating product planning and the use of quality function deployment (QFD) on projects. Our experience in helping clients plan products and facilitate QFD product planning includes the following:

  1. Analysis software (Westinghouse)
  2. Aircraft turbine engine (Textron Lycoming)
  3. Aircraft battery unit (Saft Batteries)
  4. Auxiliary power unit (APU) (Sundstrand)
  5. Cardiac lead delivery system (Medtronic)
  6. Cladding alloy (Westinghouse)
  7. Computer remote services monitoring software, hardware & services (Sun Microsystems)
  8. Computer server (Sun Microsystems)
  9. Construction framing tool (Paslode)
  10. Dental Lighting System (Lighting Technologies)
  11. Electric shaver, battery unit, and cutting system (Remington)
  12. Fire control system hardware & software (General Dynamics)
  13. Grid assembly (Westinghouse)
  14. Industrial gas turbine (Solar Turbines)
  15. Instrument cluster technology planning (Yazaki North America)
  16. Missile autoloader (General Dynamics)
  17. Next generation fuel assembly hardware & software (Westinghouse)
  18. Nuclear fuel assembly (Westinghouse)
  19. Product development strategy (Yazaki North America)
  20. Quick release top nozzle (Westinghouse)
  21. Railway battery box (Saft Batteries)
  22. Refrigerator (Samsung Electronics)
  23. Refrigerator icemaker (Samsung Electronics)
  24. Rocket motor (British Aerospace))