PD-Trak Project Resource Planning and Management

Every company is resource limited.  Many organizations struggle to assess the requirements and impact of multiple projects in different areas of the business.  Most companies have overloaded resources which delay completion of projects.  The challenge is to get the most out of those resources and to do this with the minimum of effort.  A project portfolio management tool is needed to accomplish this.  We recommend the PD-Trak™ Project Portfolio Management system.  This tool provides a flexible approach to planning resources across multiple projects (multi-project resource planning), using this analysis to support portfolio planning and management, and optimizing project throughput.

This project resource planning tool provides an easy way to perform top-down resource planning when proposed projects are first defined.  As the project moves forward, there are multiple ways that more granular resource requirements are established.  Project resources can be defined by resource type, by individual person or a combination of the two approaches.  PD-Trak integrates with Microsoft Project® so if this tool is used to plan resources at the task level, they can be imported into PD-Trak to support true multi-project resource planning.



PD-Trak resource planning and management features include:

  • Multi-project resource planning and management
  • Top-down (high-level) or bottom up (detailed) resource requirements planning
  • Integrated with MS Project® as a source of project resource requirements
  • Flexible modeling of portfolio resources to optimize portfolio planning and avoid overloading the project pipeline.
  • Ability to designate which projects to include or exclude from resource planning
  • Tabular or graphical display of resource planning data
  • Resources defined by type, person or a combination of both and organized by business area or department/group/functional manager
  • Monthly or weekly time scale for portfolio planning or tactical resource assignment and management
  • Flexible resource definition with changes in future resource levels and an project availability factor

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