Product Launch Workshop

This one-day workshop addresses the practices and required planning for a successful product launch. It is intended for Product Managers, Marketing personnel, Project Managers, and Sales management who have responsibility for or support go-to-market activities. The workshop will not only cover the process of a successful product launch, but will also provide supporting worksheets and templates that can used in your organization. The workshop is organized into the following four phases.


Learn how to establish success criteria for a product launch. Use the Repeatable Product Launch Process to improve effectiveness and learn seven strategies to achieve launch goals. Topics Covered:

  • Repeatable Product Launch Process
  • Establish launch success criteria
  • Connect launch goals with corporate goals
  • Seven launch strategies and when to use them


Product launches are constrained by resources: people, time and budget. Where launch goals define the measure of success, constraints are the reality. Learn how to identify constraints to objectively evaluate launch readiness across the organization. Topics Covered:

  • Identify constraints that could impact launch success
  • Assess operational readiness
  • Sales channel capacity constraints


Learn how to fill readiness gaps identified in the Evaluate phase of the Repeatable Product Launch Process. With the right cross-functional team members, how to organize the launch team, how to drive team results, and how to address common people issues. Topics Covered:

  • Provide context for Marketing Communications
  • Using the Messaging Blueprint
  • Get mind share from the Sales channel
  • Conduct effective Sales readiness training
  • Assembling the launch team


Using a step-by-step approach, learn how to build a launch plan. Understand important leading and lagging indicators to monitor launch progress and discuss ways to report progress to management. Topics Covered:

  • Building the launch plan
  • Measuring launch progress and effectiveness
  • Leading and lagging indicators
  • Reporting product launch progress
  • Institutionalize what was learned in the product launch