Guidelines for Reengineering the Product Development Process and Procedures

The reengineered process and supporting procedures:

  1. Must support the mission and principles of the organization and be oriented to the customer.
  2. Must not be oriented toward short-term objectives and actions at the expense of the long term.
  3. Must be oriented towards enterprise-wide objectives rather than more limited departmental or program objectives.
  4. Must establish consistency with other business processes, policies and procedures.
  5. Should be established to promote desirable behaviors rather than be a reaction to relatively infrequent problems or situations.
  6. Must be straight-forward, simple, unambiguous and easy to administer.
  7. Should encourage improvement and innovation rather than defensive behaviors.
  8. Should be based on assumption of responsible behavior and trustworthy employees rather than extensive controls that diminish employee pride and self-esteem.
  9. Should diminish barriers between people, groups of people, and departments and should promote teamwork.
  10. Should reflect performance measures and accountability that are within employees’, department’s, or company’s control.
  11. Should foster action and decision-making at the lowest competent level.
  12. Should address consideration of total cost of actions, not just limited costs reported by the accounting systems.
  13. Should reflect the minimum of communication and coordination required for actions and decisions, but not limit communication and coordination to narrow procedural boundaries.
  14. Should not cause extra work or costs for a problem that rarely occurs.
  15. Should avoid redundant efforts across the organization.
  16. Must be consistent with regulatory and contractual requirements.
  17. Should minimize non-value-added activities.