Example of Phase-Gate Review Definition

Meeting Title Program Approval Meeting Design Approval Meeting Pilot Approval Meeting
Timing Prior to the Feasibility & Concept Phase At the end of Feasibility & Concept Phase At the end of the Prototype Phase
Stage Approved The Program and the Feasibility & Concept Phase Design Phase Pilot Phase
Entry Criteria or Prerequisites Project Definition Successful Concept Design Review Successful Final Design Review
Meeting Required Before: Resources can be applied to program Quote Delivered to the Customer and Design Phase can begin Pilot Phase can begin and production tooling ordered
Agenda Program overview

Basic customer requirements

Key program milestone dates

Product and tooling cost targets

Quality targets

Program risk issues

Proposed NPD process deviations

System architecture

Degree of new invention & technical development

Manufacturing sourcing

Concept Design Review issues & proposed resolution

Cost targets vs. estimates

Internal quality targets

Program budget & preliminary investment requirements

Program breakeven time

Proposed customer quotation

Updated program schedule

Program staffing issues

Program risk issues

NPD process deviations

Final Design Review issues and proposed resolution

Customer satisfaction & issues

Cost targets vs. estimates

Program budget

Tooling & equipment investment and budget approval

Program breakeven time

Updated program schedule and status

Program risk issues

NPD process deviations