Optimize Time-to-Market and Efficiency Workshop

This one- to three-day workshop focuses on key aspects of the product development cycle where significant time to market and efficiency improvement opportunities exist in most organizations. Participants learn how to assess and balance tradeoffs that affect both time to market and efficiency. Topics can include how to improve project performance through the product proposal and definition phase, how to increase innovative contributions, and an overview or in-depth analysis of technology roadmapping can be presented. Other topics might be proposed, depending on specific needs.

This workshop enables businesses to assess tradeoffs for properly balancing time to market and efficiency, leverage engineering contributions during the early stages of product development, establish meaningful product development benchmarks and metrics, apply effective task management tools, and utilize roadmaps for speeding up the “fuzzy front end”.

The workshop is intended for engineers, technical managers,project/program managers, executives, and other professionals involved in product development. The workshop fee includes a comprehensive workbook and email/phone follow-up with the instructor after the workshop to assist with skills development. This workshop may be customized to meet your needs, and can be delivered at most locations internationally. The workshop covers the following topics.

1. Overview of efficiency and time to market tradeoffs

  • Evaluation of potential to improve both efficiency and time to market
  • The cost of speed in product development
  • Finding the right balance for your organization or project

2. Benchmarks and metrics

  • Learn how to quickly identify high-impact improvements
  • How to establish the most relevant performance measurements
  • Simple and effective systems for collecting data
  • Industry-standard product development metrics: determine the value for your organization

3. Product development life cycle

  • Phased development approach
  • Phase gates vs. milestones or “checkpoints”
  • New product development funnel

4. Time allocation metrics

  • A fundamental system for measuring and improving productivity
  • Time tracking methods
  • How to identify other relevant metrics from time allocation data
  • How to assess yourself for productivity improvements

5. Efficient innovation

  • How to generate and track more ideas for new products and enhancements
  • How to improve the quantity and quality of product concept proposals
  • Engineering’s role in providing vision and strategy
  • Marketing/Engineering partnership

6. Technology Roadmapping

  • Various uses for technology roadmaps and product roadmaps
  • Examples of different roadmapping approaches
  • A process for quickly developing technology roadmaps
  • Using roadmaps to manage requirements and improve time to market