IPPD Program Assessment

The Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) Program Assessment software in intended for aerospace and defense contractors, capital equipment manufacturers, and other organizations that develop a product or system under contract. It is used to assess an individual program’s application of IPPD practices. While the companion Product Development Best Practices and Assessment (PDBPA) software is used to assess the enterprise’s product development process based on 270 best practices, the IPPD Program Assessment focuses on how well an individual development program applies IPPD practices. It describes approximately 180 best practices and provides a related set of questions to assess a program’s application of these practices. An evaluation scale describes in narrative form the characteristics at each rating level. Weighting factors allow the evaluation to be tailored to the critical success factors of the program. The IPPD Program Assessment provides the program manager and program personnel with an understanding of IPPD practices and it provides the program with a cost effective and structured approach to benchmarking and improving program performance. This general benchmarking and assessment methodology is described in Benchmarking Best Practices for Improving Product Development.

These best practices have been organized into eighteen categories:

  • Program Management & Leadership
  • Proposal Process
  • Program Organization & Initiation
  • Project Planning & Management
  • Integrated Product Teams
  • Customer Integration
  • Subcontractor/Supplier Integration
  • Development Process Management
  • Requirements Definition & Management
  • Producibility, Reliability and Maintainability
  • Design to Cost
  • Design Assurance
  • Integrated Test Program
  • Transition to Production
  • Product Data Management and CM
  • Design Automation
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Communications & Support Technology

Performance is summarized to the category level, and gap analysis is then employed to focus attention on the improvement opportunities that will yield the highest payoff.

The software requires Microsoft Excel 5.0 or later. It is available for Windows and Macintosh. The software includes instructions, descriptions of best practices, worksheets for performing the self-assessment, and summary reporting of the results. The software license fee is $495 for one computer at a single business unit site. The combined license fee for the IPPD Program Assessment and the PDBPA software is $795. Contact us for program, site or enterprise pricing. Order via email, or send a purchase order or check. This software can also be used in conjunction with our consultant-led Program Assessment or our consultant-led Assessment Workshop. Training in using benchmarking, best practices, the capability maturity model, this assessment methodology and the IPPDPA software is available.

In addition to the self-assessment option, we can provide support in organizing the assessment, facilitating the assessment process, reviewing the assessment results, and developing an action plan for improvement. This approach begins with an interactive workshop to brief company personnel on the assessment process and organize into groups to undertake a self-assessment. Consultant participation in the group self-assessment brings some objectivity and perspective to the process. The results of the individual break-out assessment groups are presented to the overall team and further validated. Finally, gap analysis is performed and the resulting needs discussed. The consultant facilitates discussion of an action plan. This process typically takes two to three days. A more comprehensive alternative is a rigorous, comprehensive and object consultant-led Program Assessment.

License Options

For questions or to order by purchase order or wire transfer, contact Kenneth Crow by email at: k.crow@npd-solutions.com