Design for Manufacturability / Assembly Guidelines/Checklists

The Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFM/A) Guidelines/Checklists provide DFM/A guidelines to address during the development of a new product. The DFM/A guidelines cover the following areas (the number in parentheses indicate the approximate number of guidelines in each section).

  • Mechanical Assembly (140)
  • Printed Circuit Boards (90)
  • Injection Molding (60)
  • Machining (50)
  • Sheet metal (100)
  • Stampings (28)
  • Castings (37)

The DFM/A¬†guidelines are intended as a starting point for an organization to develop their own guidelines customized to the specifics of their products and their manufacturing processes (and supplier’s manufacturing processes). The checklists are provided in the form of an Excel template so that they can easily be modified and added to.

The Guidelines/Checklists provide a structure and a starting point that will save an organization many hours in developing its own guidelines and checklists. The format allows the Checklists to be used online for rating, used via the web, or printed and manually completed.


The license fee is $550 per business unit or a corporate-wide license is $1,500.

DFM/A Guidelines License Types

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