Consultant Profile
Nancy Michalski

Nancy has over thirty years of experience in Software Engineering and Management, helping world-class companies to deliver high quality software with increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Her industry experience spans a wide range of product lines, including enterprise-level servers and software for data warehousing and transaction processing, low-level software for embedded design, and high-volume consumer electronics. She is passionate about helping organizations improve their processes and people.

Nancy is an expert in all aspects of software development and management. Her experience includes Project and Program Management, Product Development, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Release Criteria and Oversight, Quality Assessment and Customer Satisfaction, Process Improvement, Lifecycle Methodology and Management, and Engineering Operations. Specific examples include:

  • Leadership and Program Management at multiple organizations (TiVo, Raytheon, HP, Intel, Compaq, Tandem) to assess and improve product development and test processes, lifecycle methodology, release criteria, and quality metrics.
  • Ran a 50+ person engineering team at Compaq Computers responsible for the development of transaction processing and disaster-recovery software used by every major stock market, and many large financial institutions around the world.
  • Ran a multi-location System Test team at Hewlett Packard responsible for the overall system integration and testing for the NeoView data-warehousing product.
  • Program Manager at Intel for 4 concurrent compiler product development teams, including a remote partner development team in Israel.
  • As QA manager at Tandem Computers for Languages and Tools, built a top-performing team responsible for testing all the product development tools. Performed a comprehensive evaluation and improvement of all test libraries, utilizing internal and offshore contractor resources.
  • Division Quality Manager at Hewlett Packard, responsible for recommending yearly internal and customer-based quality metrics, then overseeing the measurement and actions to achieve the goals. Ran the monthly quality forums to review data and actions. Presented to executives and customers (in US and Japan) on quality goals and results. Recognized within HP as being the most comprehensive set of quality metrics of any division.
  • Leadership and Program Management for the off shoring of product development and testing to low cost geographies, including process definition, checkpoints and quality assessment, productivity metrics, communication, and training.
  • Director of Operations at Compaq Computers responsible for Program Management across a 200+ person engineering Division. Managed the Division’s product delivery process, roadmap planning and field communication. Program Management for significant hiring and college recruiting. Program Management for process assessment (CMMI) and quality metrics, including the improvement activities. Program Management for space planning, building facilities upgrades, capital equipment and labs.
  • Leadership at multiple companies (HP, Intel, Compaq, Tandem) in the employee job architecture defining the job definitions, skills required, and assessment approaches for engineering and management job descriptions.
  • Leadership of numerous Change Management initiatives to re-define and re-align organizations for evolving business needs. Facilitate the process and people changes, including planning, oversight, metrics, and communication. Adept at partnering with the executive sponsor to achieve desired results, by tapping into the team potential to maximize creativity, team-building and alignment.

Nancy received a BSCS degree from Purdue University in Indiana in 1979.