Consultant Profile
Jennifer Pierce

Jennifer Pierce is a Senior Consultant with DRM Associates, a consulting and training firm focusing on helping companies improve their new product development process. She helps companies plan, design, develop and market their solutions. She is an experienced product manager, project manager, marketing professional, and software development leader. Her expertise includes improving the product lifecycle management and development processes, implementing and improving the product management and product marketing functions, conducting “voice of the customer” campaigns, strategic product planning, market segmentation, product management, product/service marketing and product launches.

As part of her work, she led collaboration across multiple groups including Senior VPs, department executives, and legal, tax, software development, design, public relations, and customer service functions. She builds, communicates, and executes on product visions, goals and product roadmaps.  As an Senior Product Manager at Amazon for eight years, she trained and served as a mentor for junior product managers.

Her experience includes the following.

  • Led Voice of the Customer activities for multiple products. Initiated and compiled voice of the customer reports to surface feedback and maintain customer focus. Distilled VOC data and prepared voice of the customer summaries.
  • Created the product roadmap for a series of online system tools.
  • Authored strategic planning documents reviewed and used by senior management.
  • Ran competitive analysis and brainstorm sessions to stay current on industry changes and identify gaps.
  • Managed marketing activities including public relations initiatives, lead generation, event coordination, and collateral development. Managed with PR agencies and other marketing consultants. Coordinated logistics for trade show and film festival attendance including booth design, setup and management, travel, budget, and overall execution.
  • Collected, analyzed, and reported on metrics to senior management in periodic business reviews. Led metrics-based continuous improvement projects.
  • As a project manager, took over one project that was a year overdue with no confident launch date. Replaced the contractor, coordinated remaining work, and executed a smooth launch in just over 4 months.
  • Served as project manager on multiple projects managing the entire development process from requirements definition through launch of the product.
  • For one software project, wrote and successfully championed project proposal, guided feature set and project requirements, managed development team resources and priorities.
  • As a Certified ScrumMaster, she has helped software development teams use agile methodologies to streamline their process. She reworked the product development lifecycle at one Amazon business unit using Agile methodologies from the ground up. Facilitated Agile trainings for the team. Reduced cycle time for new feature development and reduced work-in-progress waste.
  • Led software development engineers to execute on deliverables by creating business requirements, technical specifications, and customer facing help text.
  • Managed a software development team for three months until an on-site manager was hired. Ran on-site planning sessions for the team. Played an active role in hiring the manager.