Controlling the Development Process with Gate Reviews Workshop

This one day workshop covers the process and elements of an effective gate review process. A series of exercises are used to get the participants to define the gate review process for your organization including the participants, timing, gate review inputs, gate review decisions, and gate review ground rules.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  1. Gate Review Introduction and Objectives
    • Overview of a Stage-/Phase-Gate Process
    • Management Role as Gatekeepers
    • Comparison of Gate Reviews vs. Design Reviews
    • Comparison of Gate Reviews vs. Project/Program Reviews
    • Exercise – Basic Decisions About Gate Reviews (Gatekeepers, Roles, Authority)
  2. Gate Review Inputs
    • Suggested Inputs by Phase
    • Project Brief/Proposal
    • Business Case
    • Process of Developing a Business Case
    • Project Risk Assessment
    • Exercise – Defining Your Gate Review Inputs, Review Requirements and Timing
  3. Gate Review Process
    • The Two Stages of the Gate Review
    • Gate Review Outcomes
    • The Gate Review Process – Part 1
    • The Gate Review Process – Part 2
    • Virtual Gate Reviews
    • Gate Review Agenda
    • Questions or Issues to Consider
    • Exercise – Structuring Your Gate Review Process
  4. Lean Gate Reviews
    • Minimizing Gate Reviews – When Are They Required?
    • “Hard” Gates vs. “Soft” or “Permeable” Gates
    • Balancing Gates Review Requirements with Uncertainty and Risk
  5. Scoring Criteria & Evaluation
    • Gate Decision Criteria
    • Scoring Model
    • Scoring Criteria
    • Exercise – Your Gate Review Decision Method
    • Exercise – Evaluation or Scoring Criteria and Methodology
  6. Gate Review Ground Rules
    • The Need for Gate Review Ground Rules
    • Types of Ground Rules
    • Exercise – Developing Your Ground Rules
  7. Gate Review Summary
    • Gate Review Metrics and Performance Measurement
    • Common Issues and Challenges
    • Final Questions and Discussion