Example of Design Review Agenda

Preliminary Design Review Agenda

Review Topic Required Outputs
Project Definition

  • Customer changes to the program since last review (if any)
Program/Team Charter

Program Requirements/Deliverables

Budget & Schedule Changes

Concept Approach Changes Since Last Review (if any)

  • Changes to customer requirements & specifications since last review (if any)
  • Specification issues (if any)
  • Changes to system architecture and concept approach for the system (if any)
  • Changes to product concept design (if any)
Product Specifications

Concept Design

Product Design

  • Review of design concept for each product
  • Product structure walk-through
  • Schematic and functional design review (if applicable)
  • Assembly drawing/model review
  • Component drawing/model review
  • Part specifications, significant characteristics and tolerancing
  • Design for manufacturability, design for assembly, and mistake-proofing review
  • Design and drawing/modeling standards compliance
  • Technical issues and risks
Component Drawings/CAD Models

Assembly Drawings/CAD Models

Schematic/Net List

PCB Layout

Product Bill of Material

Product Testing and Verification

  • Test requirements and plan
  • Test results
  • Issues in meeting specifications
Test Requirements

Test Plan

Test Results

Preliminary Process Design

  • Process approach and operation flow
  • Feedback from engineering model build
  • Tooling, fixture, production equipment and test equipment requirements
  • Tooling and fixture design
  • Tooling, fixture, production equipment and test equipment cost estimates/quotes
Build Report

Process Flow Diagram

Tooling and Fixture Design

Tooling & Fixture Cost Estimates

Quality Planning

  • Quality issues on similar components and counter-measures taken
  • Design FMEA, reliability issues and mitigation steps
  • Process FMEA, reliability issues and mitigation steps
  • Control Plan for design validation build
Design FMEA

Process FMEA

Control Plan

Supplier Sourcing and Status

  • Supplier selection and capability for each component
  • Production, capability, quality, leadtime and cost issues for each supplier and component
  • Inbound packaging requirements or specifications
Supplier Plan
Product Cost and Profitability

  • Current cost estimate compared with target cost
  • Product profitability
Target Cost Worksheet
Program Plan and Management

  • Project plan
  • Schedule issues
  • Resource issues
  • Process deviations
Project Plan

Project Budget

Review of Issues and Follow-up Actions Open Issues List