Design for Manufacturability – Manufacturability Guidelines

Additional design for manufacturability guidelines are available from the following links.

Additive Manufacturing

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFM Pro)


DFM Guidebook – Issue II Casting (DFM Pro)
Design For Manufacturing Guidelines (Engineers Edge) Casting Design Guidelines (Engineers Edge)
Casting – Die-Casting Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Casting – Sand Casting Design Guidelines (eFunda) Forging Design Guidelines (Engineers Edge)
Forging Design Guidelines (eFunda)

Injection Molding

Design Rules for Problem Free Injection Molded Plastic Parts (DFM Pro)
10 Simple Design Guidelines One Should Follow in Effective Design of Boss Features in Plastic Parts (DFM Pro)
Plastic Injection Molding Design Guidelines (Engineers Edge)
Plastic Injection Molding Design Guidelines (eFunda)


DFM Guidebook – Issue I Machining (DFM Pro)
Machining-Drilling Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Machining-Turning & Boring Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Machining-Milling Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Machining-Flat Surface Grinding Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Machining-Centered Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Machining-Centerless Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Machining Design Guide (Pro CNC)
Turning Design Guidelines (DFM Pro)
Machining (DFM Pro)
Milling Design Guidelines (DFM Pro)

Powder Metallurgy

Powder Metallurgy Design Guidelines (eFunda)

Printed Circuit Boards

PCB Design Tutorial
Board Design Guidelines (Altron)
Board Guidelines (AdvancedMS)
PCB Design Guide

Sheet Metal

7 Must-Follow Guidelines to Strengthen Your Sheet Metal Design (DFM Pro)
Sheetmetal Design Handbook
Sheetmetal-Bending Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Sheetmetal-Forming Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Sheetmetal-Blanking Design Guidelines (eFunda)
Sheetmetal-Piercing Design Guidelines (eFunda)


Welding Design Guidelines (Efunda)

These general guidelines form a good starting point for a designer. Ultimately, an organization should develop company- or site-unique guidelines that consider it manufacturing process capabilities and the requirements of its products. An example of a company sheetmetal design guideline is available.

Another source for specific guidelines is from your outside supplier. Many suppliers have developed detailed guidelines based on their process capabilities and tooling.

DFM/A guidelines covering assembly, PCB fabrication and assembly, machining, injection molding, casting, stamping, and sheetmetal are available for license from DRM Associates.

A final source of guidelines is from industry organizations and books. For example, the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits (IPC) publishes a number of guidelines such as: IPC-D-782A “Surface Mount Design Guides and Land Pattern Configurations”.