DRM Associates Consultants

The firm’s principal consultants are:

Kenneth Crow is a recognized consultant and experienced trainer in product development. In addition to assisting many clients improve their product development process and manufacturing operations, he has conducted over 200 workshops publicly and for individual clients.  He is past President of the Society of Concurrent Product Development and is a Certified New Product Development Professional.

Jim Ayers focuses on target costing; design-to-cost; product cost models; manufacturing process design; and supply chain strategies, planning and management. He is a frequent speaker and has written books and articles on supply chain planning and management and new product development. Some of his supply chain management papers and articles can be found on his site.

Pete Cornish has over thirty years of experience in product development, design, and project management. He is responsible for the development and support of a project portfolio management software tool, PD-Trak. As a consultant, he specialize in helping companies define and improve the product development process, plan and manage development projects, and measure their performance.

Gary Hinkle is a senior consultant in the field of engineering management, project management, product development. His core competencies include engineering functional management, leadership, project management, technical teambuilding, product development project planning, and interpersonal skills development. He has over twenty years of experience planning and managing large and small development projects.

Bill Jameson has over 40 years of experience helping companies plan, develop, and improve their products, manufacturing processes, and organizations.  His experience spans a variety of commercial and medical device companies, with specific expertise in structuring and managing complex programs and developing his client’s internal capabilities through training and mentoring.

Javier Masini is a highly experienced consultant and trainer in value engineering, value management, tear down analysis, and lean six sigma. He has conducted workshops on these topics world-wide and helped companies improve operations and reduce costs. He is a a Certified Value Specialist CVS®.

Nancy Michalski is a software engineering and management expert with over 30 years experience. She helps companies maximize productivity and results by improving development and test process, product lifecycle, release criteria and oversight, and quality assessment. A key to success is optimizing the people talent, including consulting services in change management, leadership and staff development, training, and performance management.

Jennifer Pierce is an experienced product manager, project manager, marketing professional, and software development leader. She helps companies plan, design, develop and market their solutions.  Her expertise includes improving the product lifecycle management and development processes, implementing and improving the product management and product marketing functions, conducting “voice of the customer” campaigns, strategic product planning, market segmentation, product management, product/service marketing and product launches.

James Rains is an internationally recognized consultant that specializes in value analysis / value management, target costing and lean manufacturing. He has over thirty years of experience in automotive and other industry segments. He is a Certified Value Specialist through SAVE and has a proven track record in help clients reduce costs improve value.

Eric Paul Rose NPDP, has over 30 years’ experience in product innovation, product development, commercialization, and project management. He offers product innovation consulting to help move new products from market opportunity to marketplace reality.  He has worked in the consumer, healthcare, and industrial products industries with companies ranging from startups through Fortune 500 firms.

Leland Shaeffer helps companies design, develop and market their solutions. His expertise includes improving the product lifecycle management and development processes, implementing and improving the product management and product marketing functions, and conducting “voice of the customer” campaigns, strategic business and product planning, market segmentation, product management and product/service marketing.

Wayne Taylor is an expert in the field of quality and statistics with 30 years of experience. He consults and provides training on the Six Sigma approach and tools, Tolerance Analysis, Design of Experiments, SPC, Acceptance Sampling, and Statistics. He previously was Director of Quality Technologies at Baxter Healthcare.

Milos Tipsarevic is an Senior Consultant with strengths in improving revenue and profitability on NPD projects, enhancing processes to shorten lead times, introducing cost saving initiatives, improving supplier integration, and implementing kaizen, agile and lean six sigma methodologies. Previously, held many positions in industry including Global Product Engineering Manager.

James Wixson is a highly experienced system engineer, project manager, value engineer, and manufacturing/industrial engineer. He also has experience in pricing and contract administration, design to cost and maintenance management. He has dealt with large complicated programs in aerospace, nuclear energy and other fields.