Product Build Criteria Example

This is an example of a matrix that defines the various product builds defined in an organizations development process and the criteria related to each build.

Build Criteria P0 Build P1 Build P2 Build
Development Phase 2 3 4
Prerequisites Preliminary design review Released drawings Production readiness review
Typical build quantity 2 10 20
Nature of parts Functionally similar (e.g., surrogate parts, rapid prototype parts, FPGA vs. ASIC) Design intent per drawing (meet functional & physical requirements) Production parts from intended supplier’s production process
Supplier Used Any (prototype house or actual supplier) Actual supplier Actual supplier
Supplier production process Non-production or production process/line Non-production or production process/line Intended production process & line
Production Location Lab Pilot or low-volume line in Production Intended production line
Tooling, fixtures & test software None Prototype/low-volume tooling, fixtures & SW Final/production-ready tooling, fixtures & SW
Qualification Test/ Verification Functional only All – functional, reliability & environmental All – functional, reliability & environmental
Verification subject Product Product & process Process