Product Strategy and Planning

New Product Development Body of Knowledge

The NPD Body of Knowledge is organized into five major categories as shown under the Important Links to the right. Under each major category, there are sub-categories with the links in the left column going to internal site pages and the links in the left column going to external pages. We apologize for external links that have been deleted or changed.

Product Strategy & Planning
Business & product strategy Porter’s Competitive Strategies
New Lanchester Strategy
Lanchester Press Strategy Papers
Strategic Planning
Eight Maxims of Strategy
Competitive Strategy
Porter – Competitive Forces and Generic Strategies
Developing Your Strategic Plan
Basic Overview of Various Strategic Planning Models
Corporate Strategy
Analysis of Business Strategy
Diversification and Synergy
What is Strategy
Product development strategy Product Development Strategy Definition
Blue Ocean Strategy
Strategic Planning for Managers
Hypercompetition Strategy
The Real Ideal: Strategy to Tactics and Back
Seven Market Positioning Strategies
Five Tasks of Strategy
Product Market Matrix Strategy
Generic Strategy Model
Factors Shaping the Choice of Strategy
Positioning Strategy
Ansoff Matrix
Michael Porter’s Big Ideas-Thoughts on Strategy
Is Your Strategy Working
Product Strategy Doesn’t Just Happen
Competitive analysis Industry and Competitive Analysis
Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence Programs
Competitor Analysis – a Brief Guide
Competitor Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces – A Model for Industry Analysis
Competitive Analysis: Digging for Info
Product planning & management The Product Planning Process
Product Planning
Discovering Opportunities and Threats in a Market
Innovation management Cultivating Innovation Articles
Recipe for Growth
Managing the Innovation Process
Achieving Innovation, the Core Competence
Setting Goals to Get Innovation
Managing for Innovation
The Power of Systems Thinking to Innovation
Innovation Articles (Brill)
Developing an Innovation Strategy
Market-Driven Innovation
What Is Innovation?
For innovation success, do not follow where the money goes
R&D management Metrics to Measure R,D & E
Top-Down or Bottom-Up Research Management
Predicting Product Development
Managing Technologies in the Research Organization
Open innovation Open Innovation
Open Innovation (Chesbrough)
The Well-Designed Global R&D Network
Open Innovation (Wikipedia)
Primer on “open Innovation:” Principles and Practice
A Problem Shared Is a Problem Solved
Technology forecasting Future Mapping: Linking New Technologies to Market Windows
Forecasting the Rates of Technological Change
Assessing Technological Capability
Tools to Forecast Technology Innovations
Technology planning Technology Assessment: Foundation for Product Strategy
Technology Assessment for a Better Strategy
Product & technology roadmaps Technology Roadmapping websites
Technology Roadmap
Product Roadmapping
Product Roadmap Planning
Product Road Map: The Real and The Ideal
Product Roadmap to the Promised Land
Product Roadmaps
Product platform What is a Product Platform
Leveraging and Managing Platforms
Platform Driven Development of Product Families
Product Platform Strategy
The Elements of Platform Leadership
The Power of Product Platforms: The Black and Decker Case
Product Platform Articles
Platform & Modular Design
Platform Product Development
Optimal Modularity
Product Platform Focused Design
The Five Dimensions of Product Complexity
Technology transfer / deployment Speeding the “R” of R&D Through a Deliverables-Orientation
Intellectual property management A Model for Intellectual Assets Management
How to Develop, Protect, and Market New Product Ideas
Product Management Product Manager Skills
The 10 Commandments of Product Marketing
Enabling Cross-Functional Teams: A Leadership Role for Product Managers
Fuzzy front end / ideation The 5 Minute Guide To Successful New Products
Idea Generation for Product Managers
New Ideas About New Idea Killers
Improving New Product Development Via Innovation
A Survival Guide for the Fuzzy Front End
Taking the Fuzziness Out of the Fuzzy Front End
The Idea Bucket: Three Steps for Improving Your Idea Generation, Tracking, and Assessment Process
Feasibility & project/product screening New Product Concept Screening
Apply Management Tools to Development Activities
Project/product business case Due Diligence for New Product Ideas
New Product Forecasting-1
New Product Forecasting-2
Demand-Driven Flow
S-Curve Forecasting
Linear Profit & Loss Analysis
The Fundamentals of Revenue Forecasting
Example of Building a Business Case
Project Definition and Charter
Portfolio management Three Goals in Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management Processes: Architect Then Implement
Portfolio Management for New Product Development – Picking the Winners
Portfolio Management for New Product Development
Portfolio Management Approach and Software Tools
Product Development Backlog
Time to market Five Ways to Improve Your Time to Market
Process strategy
Managing knowledge Knowledge Management and Processes
Principles of Knowledge Management
Knowledge Acquisition In New Product Development
Transitions Create Need for Knowledge Transfer
Learn From Your Peers