Advanced Product Quality Planning Workshop

The Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Workshop is a two- or three-day workshop covering the various principles, practices and processes to support APQP. It includes many examples and hands-on exercises to illustrate the process and practices and can incorporate your company’s products and processes to apply these practices to. The workshop is intended for design engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, reliability engineers, procurement, program managers and product managers.  An outline of the workshop is below.

1. Advance Product Quality Planning Introduction

2. Plan and Define Phase

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Voice of the Customer Sources
  • Voice of the Customer Methods
  • Creating a VOC Plan
  • Requirements Definition, Quality Function Deployment, and Design Goals
    • QFD Process Flow
    • Product Planning Matrix
    • Part/Module Deployment Matrix
    • Process Planning and Process Control Matrices
  • Preliminary Manufacturing and Supplier Plan
  • Preliminary Marketing Plan
  • Preliminary Quality Plan
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Business Plan and Business Case
  • 3. Product Design Phase

    • Design for Manufacturability
      • Basic Principles of Design for Assembly
      • Design for Manufacturability Guidelines
      • DFM/A Process
    • DFM/A Exercises
    • Mistake-Proofing
      • The Six Mistake-Proofing Principles with Examples
      • Mistake-Proofing Process
    • Mistake-Proofing Exercise
    • Design for Reliability
    • Process Requirements, Capabilities and Risks
    • Design FMEA
      • Types of FMEAs including System, Product, and Process
      • The basic steps for performing an FMEA to identify risks
      • Taking Corrective Actions
      • Where the FMEA fits into the design process
    • Design Verification and Design Reviews
    • Prototypes and Preliminary Design Validation
    • New Equipment, Tooling and Facilities Requirements
    • Special Product and Process Characteristics
    • Gauges, Inspection and Test Equipment Requirements
    • Test and Validation Plan and Procedures

    4. Process Design

    • Process Flow and Process Instructions
    • Equipment and Tooling Qualification
    • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
      • Objectives
      • Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility
    • Process FMEA
      • Process Flowcharts – a Starting Point
      • Types of Process Failures
      • Process FMEA’s – special considerations
      • Taking Corrective Actions
      • Process FMEA Exercis
      • Preliminary Control Plans

    5. Product and Process Validation Phase

    • Pilot Production Readiness Review
    • Pilot Production
    • Process Capability Study
      • Process Capability Measures
      • Short-Term vs. Long-Term Process Capability
    • Process Capability Exercise
    • Product and Process Validation Testing
      • Verification and Validation Methods
      • Types of Reliability Testing
    • Final Control Plans
    • Packaging Evaluation
    • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
      • PPAP Process
      • Documentation Requirements
    • Production Planning
    • Pilot Production Readiness Review

    6. Production Phase

    • Project Close-Out & Transition to Production
    • Variation Reduction
    • Continuous Improvement

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