About DRM Associates

DRM Associates is a management consulting and training firm specializing in new product development (NPD) and the application of best practices to the development of complex products in industries such as aerospace, automotive, capital equipment, consumer products, defense, high technology, medical devices and equipment, and other industries.

We have assisted organizations understand and apply the concepts of lean product development, re-align their business strategy to time-to-market practices, improve the product development process, implement supporting tools and systems, develop product strategy and plans, plan and launch projects, establish and facilitate integrated product teams, and support the definition and design of new products. The firm also offers specific consulting expertise in related areas such as:

  • Portfolio planning and management
  • Project and resource planning
  • Defining and improving the product development process
  • Voice of the customer, product planning and requirements definition
  • Design for manufacturability and serviceability
  • Target costing and design to cost

DRM Associates’ principal, Kenneth Crow, is a distinguished speaker and recognized expert in new product development. In addition to assisting many clients improve their product development process, he has conducted over 200 workshops publicly and for individual clients. In addition to his many seminars, he has been a frequent speaker (including keynote speeches) and moderator for conferences on product development, design for manufacturability (DFM), quality function deployment, and product data management. He is past President of the Society of Concurrent Engineering. He has been on Editorial Advisory Boards for publications related to product development. He is also a member of the Product Development Management Association and is certified as a New Product Development Professional by PDMA. The firm has other associates that provide a broad range of expertise.

DRM Associates has applied this substantial industry and subject matter expertise to the development of training programs and the conduct of training from the executive management level to the professional level throughout the organization. Our workshops are tailored to client’s needs, products and markets and include practical exercises to reinforce understanding.

DRM Associates has also developed a comprehensive, structured Product Development Assessment (PDA). This methodology is based on the identification of 270 product development best practices. It allows us to quickly assess an organization’s product development process, identify strengths and weaknesses (gaps), and develop an action plan for improving the development process. It is the basis for a cost effective approach to benchmarking and improving the development process. The Product Development Best Practices and Assessment software has been developed based on this methodology and has been licensed to major companies world-wide.

For further information, please contact Kenneth Crow at:
Telephone: +1 (310) 377-5569
Email: k.crow@npd-solutions.com