Value Management Workshop – SAVE Certified Module 1


The objective of this five-day workshop is to acquaint participants with the methodology of Value Management (VM) and its decision-making process. Workshop participants should also expect to develop proposals ready for implementation on any projects approved for the workshop. The VM methodology has been used for over 50 years to assist management and engineering professionals to obtain optimum value for each dollar spent. Typical savings range from 15 to 35% for most projects. This Module I course teaches VM in a hands-on, project-based manner. During the workshop managers of manufacturing, finance, quality and marketing, and engineers (product, industrial, manufacturing, process) will engage in “real-time” decision-making using VM tools, to ensure quality and value while reducing the cost of their projects. Participants will apply the VM methodology and decision-making skills to an actual project to gain practical experience using what they learn. This workshop will demonstrate the effectiveness of the VM techniques in enhancing value while reducing costs.


This course is designed for people responsible for making decisions concerning product, process or procedural activities in industry (manufacturing) and service organizations (healthcare). In the past, attendees have included corporate leadership, engineers of all types, marketing, finance, quality and manufacturing disciplines.

Since this seminar is approved by SAVE International, individuals planning to become Associate or Certified Value Specialists need to attend. Upon completion, each participant will be awarded a certificate and those wishing to take the SAVE AVS exam may do so, providing advance notice is given. Ask about SAVE Certification details.


1. VM Approach to Projects

  • VM Job Plan overview
  • History and evolution of VM
  • Ingredients to successful creativity
  • Workshop expectations

2. VM Concepts and Principles

  • What is value?
  • Habits and attitudes
  • Project Selection
  • Team members and team building

3. Information Phase

  • Project objective and scope worksheet
  • Information gathering
  • Principles of Value Analysis (video)

4. Function Analysis Phase

  • Brainstorm functions
  • Creating a Function Logic Diagram (FAST)
  • Develop Cost – Function relationships
  • Function-Cost-Worth Analysis

5. Creative Phase

  • The creativity process; team dynamics
  • Creativity techniques
  • Idea generation

6. Evaluation and Development Phases

  • Eliminate nonsense
  • Categorize and rank ideas
  • Learn and use T-Charting
  • Learn and use Idea Selection Matrix
  • Develop proposals

7. Implementation and Follow-up Phases

  • Strategies for implementation
  • Resistance to change
  • Implementation and follow-up plan

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