Tear Down Analysis Workshop

The Tear-Down Workshop is patterned after the Japanese tear-down method invented by Yoshihiko Sato. Mr. Sato is known as the “Father of Japanese Tear-Down.” Our instructor, Jim Rains has known Mr. Sato since 1989 and has been fully trained by Mr Sato to facilitate this unique methodology. Every major company in Japan uses this technique. This tear-down method is much more complex and detailed when compared to most western world tear-down methods and is sometimes referred to as Value Analysis Tear-Down. Teardown analysis is a comparative process to completely analyze all aspects of cost of your products with those of your competitors. Attention to minute detail is a major portion of this methodology. Regardless of cost it is important to note that in almost every component we can find some advantage by studying and understanding those same parts of our competitors.


The objective of this workshop is to acquaint participants with Japanese style tear-down. Workshop participants should also expect to develop proposals ready for implementation on any projects approved for the workshop. The Japanese style of tear-down has been used successfully since the early 1970’s. Mr. Sato has demonstrated its substantial impact to the margins of corporations across Japan and thus his methods are adopted essentially in every major Japanese corporation. Most western world tear-down methods are merely product displays with little or no examination and analysis. This tear-down method forces a detailed examination of a company’s products and compares them to its competitors, by part and component function. All Japanese tear-down techniques are included in this workshop: Dynamic Tear-down, Cost Tear-down, Material Tear-down, Matrix Tear-down, Process Tear-down and Static Tear-down.


This course is designed for people responsible for making decisions concerning product, process or procedural activities in industry (manufacturing). In the past, attendees have included corporate leadership, engineers of all types, marketing, finance, quality and manufacturing disciplines.


Each workshop is customized based on the wants and needs of the customer and the type of products to be analyzed. It would not be fair to allocate the same amount of time to an oven range as a heavy-duty construction equipment. The workshop is four to five days in length depending on the nature of the item to be analyzed. All methods of tear-down are taught and those that are appropriate are used in a team workshop setting. Creativity and idea evaluation are a part of all workshops. While the workshop includes formalized training, most of workshop involves hands-on tear-down analysis of your and your competitor’s products. Formal report-outs of results are all tailored to meet the needs of the client. Often this workshop conducted in conjunction with our Value Analysis Workshop.


The pre-requisites for this workshop are numerous. Yet the most necessary items are to secure your own and your competitor’s products that will go through the tear-down workshop. Each unit needs to go through rigorous non-destructive performance testing with all data recorded. The next major item is to locate a tear-down room that is large enough to allow for the tear-down activity to take place and the final display of the products. Detailed pre-workshop requirements will be discussed with each client based on their specific needs and workshop objectives.