Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Software and Instructions

DRM Associates offers QFD software templates and detailed instructions  on each of the steps involved in this process to support use of Quality Function Deployment in your organization. This QFD software templates are based on Microsoft Excel which offers the flexibility to tailor these templates and makes the templates easy to use for anyone who knows Excel. The templates include the following matrices and tables:

  1. Data Dictionary
  2. Product Planning Matrix (or House of Quality)
  3. Concept Selection Matrix
  4. Deployment Matrix for Subsystem/Assembly/Parts
  5. Process Planning Matrix
  6. Process and Quality Control Matrix

Each of these matrices includes an example to illustrate each step in the QFD planning process.

qfdppm (1)

The example above shows the Product Planning Matrix and illustrates how it supports the following functions:

  1. Organizing customer needs
  2. Performing competitive analysis
  3. Establishing a product strategy
  4. Deriving product technical characteristics or requirements
  5. Determining importance of technical characteristics
  6. Performing a technical evaluation or product benchmarking
  7. Determining potential trade-offs in technical characteristics
  8. Evaluating technical difficulties and risks
  9. Establishing target or specification values

The QFD software and instructions require Microsoft Excel 97 or later versions. In addition, QFD training is available with our interactive three-day QFD Workshop. Note the workshop includes a site license for the QFD software. We also offer QFD consulting and have extensive experience facilitating QFD projects.

A single-user license is $295. Business unit and corporate-wide license are also available. You can order below with a credit card.

QFD License Types

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