Design Reviews and Gate Reviews

We can help implement improved design review and gate reviews processes as part of improving the effectiveness of your product development process.  Each type of review requires three steps: preparation, the review, and the follow-up actions.  Weaknesses in any one these areas can undermine the effectiveness of the review.  In addition, other common issues we have observed are:

  • Limited agenda or topics addressed in a design review
  • Gate reviews that delve too far into the technical aspects of the design itself
  • Too many gate reviews which slow down the process
  • Lack of discipline or delays in conducting design reviews or gate reviews
  • Gate reviews which never kill less desirable projects

We can assist with implementing or improving the design review and/or gate review process with the following steps.

  1. The first step would be to review any relevant documentation describing your product development process, gate review process, and design review process.
  2. Next we would identify gaps in the design review and/or gate review process.
  3. We would then review a design review or gate review package prepared prior to the review. We would observe a typical design review or gate review and note how they were conducted and the follow-up actions noted.
  4. Based on these steps, we would prepare and present our findings and recommendations.
  5. Upon agreement with the recommendations, we would create or update the necessary documentation describing how to conduct one or both of these types of reviews.
  6. We would then prepare and conduct training in how to better conduct one or both of these types of reviews.
  7. Finally, we would participate in a subsequent design or gate review and provide coaching or feedback on how to better conduct the review.

For further information, contact Kenneth Crow at DRM Associates