Product Development Project – Team Charter Example

This is an example of a team charter for a product development project.

Peculiar Support Equipment IPT Charter

Charter: The PSE IPT is responsible for specifying, designing. developing and delivering Peculiar (non-military standard) support equipment (mobile and fixed) to support the operation and maintenance of the BX objective system during EMD. PSE requirements include the Objective System Design and the following hardware:1 Battle Damage Repair Kit, 1 Portable Maintenance Aid, 1 Hydraulic Press Test Equipment, 11 FO Reel Lifting Devices, 1 BX Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Shop, 6 Missile Round Slings, 2 Radar Antenna Work Platforms, 2 Radar EU Disk Array Lifting Device, and TBD missile Round Ship Sets.

Reference: MIS-PRF-52009A, PSE Segment Prime Item Development Specification


  1. Prepare and maintain PSE-related BX system-level and lower-level specifications.
  2. Define and document requirements for BX objective system PSE at all maintenance levels, unit through depot.
  3. Design, make/buy, and deliver the PSE which will be part of the System Support Package (SSP) to be used during EMD Government testing.
  4. Establish development and acquisition management responsibilities for new PSE requirements that surface during EMD.
  5. Define and plan the acquisition of depot maintenance plant equipment and depot maintenance work requirements and procedures for BX peculiar their expertise and coordinate the support with their respective organizations to accomplish these goals.

Period of Performance: Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase starting May, 1998

Budget: $4,550,000


IPT Members:

Jeff Copley Team Ldr, REE Smithville 100% 209-824-2566
Buford Mann System Engineer Smithville 60% 209-824-7544
Fred Thompson Mech. Designer Smithville 75% 209-824-1076
Jill St. Clair Electrical Designer Smithville 50% 209-824-1169
Jim Lewicki Electrical Engineer Smithville 100% 209-824-6693
Dave Wheeler Logistics Division BX Proj Office 50% 209-455-7676
Cynthia Farrell Business Operations Smithville 100% 209-824-3211
Bill Taylor SW Eng./S/C Rep. Acme SW 100% 209-827-6773
Todd Meyer Test Engineer Smithville 100% 209-824-6121
Gary Smith Manufacturing Eng. Smithville 50% 209-824-8826
Raj Mantha Reliability & Maint. Smithville 30% 209-824-2545
Pete Wilson Quality Engineer Smithville 50% 209-824-2434
Randy Wood Missile Segment Rep. Los Angeles 15% 408-555-4439
Hugh Downs Radar Segment Rep. Omega 15% 510-767-7677
Camille Wagner BMC3 Segment Rep. Smithville 15% 209-824-1051

Primary Team Interfaces: The WSEIT Systems Engineering group is the primary interface for PIDS and ICD’s. The WSEIT System Integration Group is the primary interface for issue resolution, system integration, verification and validation. The assigned segment representatives for Missile, Radar and BMC3 provide needed design information, coordination, issue resolution for PSE related to their segment prime items. Interface to the TPO is provided through the TPO IPT member. The PSE IPT will provide required information to support the ILS IPT.