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Business & product strategy Porter's Competitive Strategies
New Lanchester Strategy
Lanchester Press Strategy Papers
Strategic Planning
Eight Maxims of Strategy
Competitive Strategy
Porter - Competitive Forces and Generic Strategies
Developing Your Strategic Plan
Basic Overview of Various Strategic Planning Models
Corporate Strategy
Analysis of Business Strategy
Diversification and Synergy
What is Strategy
Product development strategy Product Development Strategy Definition
Blue Ocean Strategy
Strategic Planning for Managers
Hypercompetition Strategy
The Real Ideal: Strategy to Tactics and Back
Seven Market Positioning Strategies
Five Tasks of Strategy
Product Market Matrix Strategy
Generic Strategy Model
Factors Shaping the Choice of Strategy
Positioning Strategy
Ansoff Matrix
Michael Porter's Big Ideas-Thoughts on Strategy
Is Your Strategy Working
Product Strategy Doesn't Just Happen
Competitive analysis Industry and Competitive Analysis
Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence Programs
Competitor Analysis - a Brief Guide
Competitor Analysis
Porter's Five Forces - A Model for Industry Analysis
Competitive Analysis: Digging for Info
Product planning & management The Product Planning Process
Product Planning
Discovering Opportunities and Threats in a Market
Innovation management Cultivating Innovation Articles
Recipe for Growth
Managing the Innovation Process
Achieving Innovation, the Core Competence
Setting Goals to Get Innovation
Managing for Innovation
The Power of Systems Thinking to Innovation
Innovation Articles (Brill)
Developing an Innovation Strategy
Market-Driven Innovation
What Is Innovation?
For innovation success, do not follow where the money goes
R&D management Metrics to Measure R,D & E
Top-Down or Bottom-Up Research Management
Predicting Product Development
Managing Technologies in the Research Organization
Open innovation Open Innovation
Open Innovation (Chesbrough)
The Well-Designed Global R&D Network
Open Innovation (Wikipedia)
Primer on "open Innovation:" Principles and Practice
A Problem Shared Is a Problem Solved
Technology forecasting Future Mapping: Linking New Technologies to Market Windows
Forecasting the Rates of Technological Change
Assessing Technological Capability
Tools to Forecast Technology Innovations
Technology planning Technology Assessment: Foundation for Product Strategy
Technology Assessment for a Better Strategy
Product & technology roadmaps Technology Roadmapping websites
Technology Roadmap
Product Roadmapping
Product Roadmap Planning
Product Road Map: The Real and The Ideal
Product Roadmap to the Promised Land
Product Roadmaps
Product platform What is a Product Platform
Leveraging and Managing Platforms
Platform Driven Development of Product Families
Product Platform Strategy
The Elements of Platform Leadership
The Power of Product Platforms: The Black and Decker Case
Product Platform Articles
Platform & Modular Design
Platform Product Development
Optimal Modularity
Product Platform Focused Design
The Five Dimensions of Product Complexity
Technology transfer / deployment Speeding the "R" of R&D Through a Deliverables-Orientation
Intellectual property management A Model for Intellectual Assets Management
How to Develop, Protect, and Market New Product Ideas
Fuzzy front end / ideation The 5 Minute Guide To Successful New Products
Idea Generation for Product Managers
New Ideas About New Idea Killers
Improving New Product Development Via Innovation
A Survival Guide for the Fuzzy Front End
Taking the Fuzziness Out of the Fuzzy Front End
The Idea Bucket: Three Steps for Improving Your Idea Generation, Tracking, and Assessment Process
Feasibility & project/product screening New Product Concept Screening
Apply Management Tools to Development Activities
Project/product business case Due Diligence for New Product Ideas
New Product Forecasting-1
New Product Forecasting-2
Demand-Driven Flow
S-Curve Forecasting
Linear Profit & Loss Analysis
The Fundamentals of Revenue Forecasting
Example of Building a Business Case
Project Brief
Portfolio management Three Goals in Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management Processes: Architect Then Implement
Portfolio Management for New Product Development - Picking the Winners
Portfolio Management for New Product Development
Portfolio Management Approach and Software Tools
Master Project Schedule
Product Development Backlog
Time to market Five Ways to Improve Your Time to Market
Process strategy  
Managing knowledge Knowledge Management and Processes
Principles of Knowledge Management
Knowledge Acquisition In New Product Development
Transitions Create Need for Knowledge Transfer
Learn From Your Peers

Management leadership Authentic Leadership
Shirking Responsibility
Effective Leadership: A Very Old Formula
101 Secrets Of Leadership
The Modern Leader’s Role
Engineering Management
Engineering Leadership Skills Matrix
Engineering Management Assessment
Five Things You Need to Know About Engineering Management
Product development teams
Integrated product teams
How to Grow Dream Teams
The Software Development Team
Working Groups or Teams
Charge Up Your New Product Development Teams (Nov 2003)
Program management team / System integration team / Core team Core Team
Team structure / program structure Organization Structure
The Organisation
Organization Structure
Organizing for Product Development
Staffing and assignment Multitasking Makes You Stupid
Teamwork Teamwork Strategies for Managers
Core Values for Functional Teams
Team Roles
Teamwork: Are Your Teams High-Performing or Dysfunctional?
Team launch and team building Getting Teams to Really Work
7 Ingredients to Create a Super Team
Team Kickoffs: A Practical Approach to Help Achieve High Performance
Process Mapping & Alignment
Team closure / disbanding Team Closure
Change management Force Field Analysis
Coping with Change: Different Personality Styles
Resistance to Change
Empowerment & self-direction How to Manage Like a Coach, Not a Cop
Employee Commitment
Collaboration Leadership and Constructive Collaboration
Communication Aids Design
The Substance of Our Styles
Collocation Collocation and Effective Teamwork
Co-locating Team Members
Virtual collocation & virtual teams Virtual Teams
Trust in Virtual Teams
Communication The Lost Art of Listening
Ten Tips to Cultivate Communication
Communicating by "Type"
Developing a Common Language
Critical Listening
Critical Speaking
Critical Writing
Persuasive Business Writing
Effective team meetings Creative and Productive Meetings
So You’re Leading a Meeting?
Team groundrules  
Conflict resolution / Consensus decision-making System Approach to Win-Win Resolution of Conflicts
The Culture of Decision-Making
The Power of Agreement
Mistakes to Avoid in Decision Making
Making Engineering Design Decisions
Defined roles & responsibilities Roles & Responsibilities
Who - When Maps
Team charter Team charter example
Team leader Undercurrents in Leading Project Teams
Becoming a Facilitative Leader
Team Leadership: Emerging Challenges
Engineering Project Leader Assessment
Flat organization structure Oticon's Organization Structure for Product Development
Early supplier involvement / supplier integration It's in the Design
Sun Microsystem's Early Supplier Involvement Program
Beyond Early Supplier Involvement
Integrating NPD and the Supply Chain
Supply Chain Strategies
Balanced Purchasing
Resource management Managing Fires That Slow Down Projects
Team-oriented performance measures Improving Performance Management
Recognition & reward system How to Keep Incentives from Becoming Entitlements
Having Fun with Reward and Recognition
Pay Innovators Right
Abolishing Performance Appraisals
Team Compensation

Capability maturity model People Capability Maturity Model
Product development process Improving Process Maturity to Compete in the Desktop Printer Market
A Business Case for Improved Project Practices
Conceptual Design
Product Realization Process
Product Development Tools and Deliverables
Defining the Product Development Process
An Overview of the Design Process
Reengineering product development Redesigning the Product Development Process
Business Process Reengineering papers & articles
Business Process Reengineering
Software Process Improvement
Strategic Business Process Analysis and Reengineering
Value Stream Analysis and Mapping for Product Development
Value Stream Analysis
Enterprise Value Stream Mapping
Getting the Most from Continuous Improvement Efforts
Lessons learned Lessons Learned Checklist
Best practices 20 Key Elements (BPs) of Product Realization Process
Practices to Achieve Hyper-Compression in Product Development
Integrated Product Development Lessons Learned
Basics of New Product Development (APQC White Paper)
Lockheed Martin IPD Best Practices
Applying Lean Principles to Product Development
The Invisible Success Factors in Product Innovation-Cooper
Benchmarking Seven Steps to Effective Competitor Benchmarking
Benchmarking (LAI)
Metrics & performance measures Measuring NPD for Results
Product Metrics
Target Setting: Key to Successful NPD Outcomes
Calculating the Value of Time for New Products
Measures of Goodness
NPD Performance Measurement
Lean product development Strategies for Lean Product Development
Capsule Summaries of Key Lean Concepts
Lean Engineering: Doing the Right Thing Right
Principles of Lean Thinking
Tutorial on Lean Design
Applying Lean Principles to Product Development
Streamlined from the Start
Phase-gate process / gate reviews Optimizing Cost, Risk & Time-to-Market with a Gate Review Process
Gate Review Definition
Gate Review Timing
Gate Meetings
Business Tools for Technology Transfer-Stage Gate
Rockwell's Re-Engineering - Gates
Design structure matrix Task-Based DSMs
Methods for Analyzing Design Procedures
Tools for Innovation: Design Structure Matrix
Design Structure Matrix Tutorial
Pipeline management Product Planning
New Directions in Pipeline Management
Managing the Pipeline
Supply and Demand
Design reviews Design Review Definition
Design Reviews
Design Reviews
Guidelines for Six Sigma Design Reviews--Part One
Guidelines for Six Sigma Design Reviews--Part Two
Requirements definition & management Characteristics of Good Requirements
Using Requirements Management to Speed Delivery of Higher Quality Applications
Requirements Management Links
Applying Requirements Management with Use Cases
Functional Requirements and Use Cases
Evolving Beyond Requirements Creep: A Risk-Based Evolutionary Prototyping Model
Applying Requirements Management To Medical Devices Utilizing Software
Product specifications Product Design Specification
The Product Design Specification
References for Product Design Specification
Systems engineering process What is Systems Engineering
Pragmatic Principles
Relationship of Systems Engineering to the Project Cycle
Twelve System Engineering Roles
A Systems Engineering Environment for Integrated Automotive Deevelopment
Systems Thinking and Systems Engineering
Configuration management / Engineering change control Configuration Management Papers
Software Configuration and Change Management
CM Infrastructure and Terminologies
Engineering Change Management in Three Swedish Engineering Companies
Configuration Management Paradigms and CMII Principles Item Revision Rules
Terminology: Revision vs. Version
Change Form Rules
Risk management Risk Management
Risk Management articles
Take Calculated Risks
Software Risk Management
Risk Assessment
Balancing Fast Time-to-Market with Project Risk (May 2004)
Universal Risk Project
Software development Applying Systems Thinking to the Issues of Software Product Development
Software Classic Mistakes
What Have We Learned
16 Critical Software Practices for Performance-Based Management
Managing Major Distributed Software Development
Software Design for Reliability
Lean software development Lean Software Development
Introduction to Lean Software Development
Lean Programming
Lean Software Development
Lean Software Development Overview
Lean Software Development
Amplify Learning
Testing, qualification and certification Types of Testing
Software Quality Management
Software Testing and Software Development Lifecycles
Software Unit Testing
What Happens When You Don't Have a Test Plan?
Product launch 6 Secrets of a Winning Product Launch
The Five Secrets Of A Successful Launch
Tips for Product Launch Marketing Success Online Product Launch Strategies
Lessons from New Product Launches
Launching A New Product
7 Steps To Product Launch Marketing Success
Project planning and management Project Management Body of Knowledge (1996 Edition)
Project Management Body of Knowledge (2000 Edition)
All About Project Management
Project Management
Critical Path Analysis (Mind Tools)
Use Project Management Tools to Build a Project Team
Evolution of the Project Office
Robust Project Planning-1
Robust Project Planning-2
Project Execution
Software Project Management
Project Management
Project Management Tools
Project Management Using Microsoft Project®
A Primer on Phased Project Management Techniques (Jan 2003)
Project Planning: A Step by Step Guide
Resource planning and management Resource Management Definition
Resource Leveling Definition
The Difference between Resource Loading and Resource Leveling
Project Management Resource Allocation
Resource Allocation: Do You Overwork Your Resources?
Why Fire Fighting is Never Enough
Project Crashing: What Options Do You Have?
Project Resource Management
Multi-Tasking is Costing Us Billions-1
Multi-Tasking is Costing Us Billions-2
Resource Management
Critical chain project management (CCPM) Critical Chain Project Management Definition
Critical Chain Project Management Overview
Critical Chain Project Management: An Introduction, Part 1 of 2
Critical Chain Project Management: An Introduction, Part 2 of 2
Critical Chain Scheduling
Critical Chain and Risk Management
Critical Chain
Roles and Responsibilities Of Stakeholders In A Multi-Project TOC Organization
The Critical Chain Model
Critical Chain and the design process
Schedule and Cost Buffer Sizing
Critical Chain Project Management Software

Customer needs / Voice of the customer Customer Surveys and Interviews
Discovering Customer Needs—Four Key Questions
Basic Methods to Get Feedback from Customers
Customer-Focused Creativity
The "One Right Way" to Gather the Voice of the Customer
The Customer as Creator: A Step Beyond the Voice of the Customer
Fear of the Customer
Voice of the Customer Analysis
Discovering Opportunities and Threats in a Market
Using Innovation to Address Unmet Customer Needs
VOC Advances: New Paths to Understanding Customers
VOC Advances: Complementary Innovation for Growth
VOC Advances: Helping Make Better Design Decisions
Five Keys to Engaging the Customer to Produce Real Innovation
Virtual customer The Virtual Customer
Virtual Customer Site
The Virtual Customer
Better Products Through Virtual Customer
Lead users Lead Users - Creating Breakthrough Innovations at 3M
Lead Users
Lead Users: An Important Source of Novel Product Concepts
Lead User Analysis for the Development of New Industrial Products
Developing New Product Concepts Via the Lead User Method
Focus groups Basics of Conducting Focus Groups
How To Get More Out Of Your Focus Groups
Online vs. face to face vs. telephone groups
Concept Testing in Focus Groups
Focus Group Articles
Focus Groups
Customer interviews General Guidelines for Conducting Interviews
User / Customer Interviews
Contextual Inquiry
Market research Introduction to Market Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques
Secondary vs. Primary Market Research
Using Research in Defining New Products
Some Major Sources of Market Research Information
Market Structure Analysis (segmentation)
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Perceptual Mapping
Market Segmentation
Ethnography /ethnographic studies Designing Products Based on Real Life
The Human Touch
How "Applied Ethnography" Can Improve Your NPD Research Process
User Profiles (Personas)
Direct Observation
How to Turn End User Understanding into Innovation
Ethnography in the Field of Design
Contextual analysis / empathic design Contextual Analysis
Empathic Design
Spark Innovation Through Empathic Design
How to Turn End User Understanding into Innovation
Empathic Design: Innovation & Observation I
Empathic Design: Innovation & Observation II
Participatory / cooperative design Cooperative Design
What is Participatory Design?
What is a Participatory Design Workshop?
Personas, Participatory Design and Product Development
Participatory Design
Affinity Diagram Affinity Diagrams: Organizing Ideas Into Common Themes
Affinity Diagrams
Conjoint analysis Conjoint Analysis Tutorial
Understanding Conjoint Analysis in 15 Minutes
Conjoint Analysis
Conjoint Analysis (Dobney)
Conjoint Analysis Design
Conjoint Analysis (Ajjan)
Conjoint Analysis Tutorial
Concept of Conjoint Analysis
Conjoint Analysis Technical Papers
Quality function deployment (QFD) Step-by-Step Guide to QFD
Quality Function Deployment Case Study
QFD for Technology Development Planning
Quality Function Deployment Example (Refrigerator)
Quality Function Deployment Example (APU)
Quality Function Deployment Software
Quality Function Deployment: What, Why and How
Quality Function Deployment Papers
9 House of Quality Checks
After QFD: Now What?
Quality Function Deployment Example
Introduction to QFD
QFD - House of Quality
The History of QFD
QFD Software and Matrix Examples
QFD for Software Requirements Engineering
Brainstorming Brainstorming (Mind Tools)
Steps in the Brainstorming Process
The Complete Guide to Managing Traditional Brainstorming Events
Creativity and problem solving methods Creativity Techniques: A to Z
Overview of Creative Methods
Cultivating Innovation Articles
Using MindMapsTM with TRIZ
Creativity and Innovation in R&D
Harvesting Profits in the Idea Garden
Assumptions Can Be Major Barriers
Ten Tips for Beefing Up Your Problem Solving Toolbox
Creativity Articles (Brill)
Making the Innovation Magic Happen
Generating New Ideas
Engineering Problem Solving
Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving
Concept Development
Creative Thinking Techniques, Exercises, Articles & Interviews
Creativity Tools
Lateral Thinking
Six Thinking Hats
Select an Innovation Approach for Problem Solving
Five Steps of the Heuristic Redefinition Process (HRP)
TILMAG's Five Steps for Solving Innovative Problems
Theory of inventive problem solving (TIPS/TRIZ) What is TRIZ
Introduction to TRIZ
TRIZ Journal Archive of Articles
TRIZ Mind Map
Invention on Demand
Axiomatic design General Axiomatic Design Concepts
Building Better Vehicles via Axiomatic Design
Critical Thinking
Axiomatic Design - Suh's Methodology
Axiomatic Design of Software
A Comparison of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design
Axiomatic Design and TRIZ: Compatibilities and Contradictions
Prototypes Using Conceptual Modelers for Business Advantage (April 2001)
Imagining Faster
The Role of Appearance Models and Mockups
Visual Models
Sketch Models
Let Prototyping Drive Your Product Development Process
Concept evaluation and selection Concept Screening
Some Rules Of Engineering Design
Concept Development: The Front End Process
Morphological charts
Decision-making / Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) Analytical Hierarchy Process
Analytical Hierarchy Process in Brief
Analytical Hierarchy Process - Getting Oriented
Six Hats Thinking and Decision-Making
Six Hats Thinking
Design for manufacturability/assembly (DFM/A) Design for Assembly Guidelines
>Detailed DFM Guidelines
DFA Software
Survey of DFM Methods
DFM Tools for Improving Product Designs
Implementing DFM in Nordic Industry
Design for Assembly
Evaluation of Instrument Panel Design
Design for Simplicity
Design for Assembly Evaluation Methods
Design for Assembly
DFA: The Lucas Method
DFM/A Evaluation Tool
Need to Cut Costs? Check Your Design First
DFMA guidelines and rules Detailed DFM Guidelines - Injection Molding, Sheetmetal, Machining, Hot Forming, PCB's, etc.
Example of Sheetmetal Guidelines
>The Dangers of Part Consolidation
DFM/A Guidelines
Manufacturing processes / process selection Manufacturing Processes (BYU)
Manufacturing Processes
Manufacturing Processes
Product Design and Process Selection
WiseProM - WIzard for SElecting PROcess and Material
Standardization, modularity & design re-use Product Programs, Variants and Modularization
Modularity as a Means to Product and Process Integration
Modularity: A Key Concept in Product Lifecycle Engineering
Overview of Modular Product Development
Proceedings from the 2nd Seminar on Development of Modular Products
Mass customization Mass Customization, the Proactive Management of Variety
Achieving Success with Mass Customization
Product Line Rationalization: A Prerequisite to Mass Customization
Mass customisation
Made Your Way
Mistake-proofing/poka-yoke Poka Yoke
Poka Yoke Example
Using Poka-Yoke Techniques for Early Defect Detection
Poka-Yoke: A Misunderstood Concept
Attributes of Good Mistake-Proofing
Design to cost (DTC) Designing for Cost
Design for Cost
Designing for Low Overhead Costs
Implementation of a Design to Profit System
Costing Designs
Target costing Target Costing Tools and Examples
Target Costing Software
Cheapness: the Mother of Invention
Save Me From Target Costing
Target Costing
Setting Supplier Cost Targets
Target Costing Best Practices
Target Cost Implementation Guide
Target Costing
The Target Costing Bull's Eye
Target Costing Implementation
Best Practices in Target Costing
Product/life cycle cost models Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook
Hardware Cost Modeling
DFM Software Reduces Time to Calculate Costs
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Cost tables Cost Tables
Parametric cost estimating / Cost estimating relationships Parametric Cost Analysis
Parametric Costing Case Study
Definition of Parametric Cost Estimating
Parametric Analysis
Cost reduction Cost Saving Ideas Using Purchasing Information
Value analysis/function analysis (VA/FA) Value Analysis/Value Engineering: The Forgotten Lean Technique
Improving Product Development with Value Analysis/Value Engineering
Value Analysis
Function Analysis
Value Engineering
Function Cost Analysis
Increasing Product Innovation Effectiveness Through QFD And Value Engineering
The Human Side of Value Engineering
Function analysis system technique (FAST) Function Analysis and Decomposistion using Function Analysis Systems Technique
Tear-down analysis The Teardown Artist
Squeezing More Ideas from Product Teardowns
Product Teardown
Activity-based costing/activity-based management (ABC/ABM) Introduction to Activity-Based Costing
Activity-Based Costing
Design for six sigma (DFSS) Design For Six Sigma Roadmap
Building Quality into Design Engineering
Six Sigma and the Evolution of Quality in Product Development
Designing for Six Sigma Capability
Six Sigma Helps Create GE’s Latest Dishwasher
Design for Six Sigma Tools
Quality Management
Advanced product quality planning (APQP) Advance Quality Planning
APQP Tools Quality Management
Robust design Introduction to Robust Design
Robust Design
Comparing Three Approaches to Robust Design
Robust Design: An Experiment-based Approach to Design for Reliability
Design of experiments (DOE) Design of Experiments Links (ASQ)
Design of Experiments/Taguchi Approach
DOE Case Study-Bearing Design
Design of experiments (DOE)
Response Surface Methods for Process Optimization
Taguchi methods (TM) Quantifying Variability Using Contributions from Taguchi
Taguchi Methods: Robust Design, Design of Experiments
Taguchi Loss Function
Variability reduction (VR) Reducing Variation During Design
Process capability Process Validation Guidance
Methods and Tools for Process Validation
Process Capability
Process Capability
Optimize Existing Processes to Achieve Six Sigma Capability
Statistical Process Control - Control Charts
Tolerance design / Tolerance analysis Worst-Case Versus Statistical Tolerancing
A Comprehensive System for Computer-Aided Tolerance Analysis
Computer-Aided Tolerancing Systems Site Papers
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Dimensional Management
Tolerance Analysis
Control Plans Control Plan Software
Control Plan Example & Software
Design for reliability A Brief Introduction to Reliability
Defining & Achieving the Reliability Culture
Designing for the Life Cycle
Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Program
Reliability Assurance
Design for Reliability
Reliability Technical Library
Blueprint for Implementing A Comprehensive Reliability Engineering Program
Reliability Growth Reference Book
System Analysis Reference Book - Reliability, Availability and Optimization
Reliability Engineering
What is Reliability Growth
Early Reliability Testing
Fundamentals of Climatic Testing
HALT vs. ALT: When to Use Which Technique
Reliability Integration Across the Product Lifecycle
Design for Warranty Cost Reduction
Failure Analysis / Root Cause Analysis The Process of Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis (FA), Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
The Value of Failure Analysis
Cost Payback for Failure Analysis
Understanding the When, Where & Why of Failures
Failure Analysis 101: Finding the Root Cause in Electronics Manufacturing
Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) FMEA Software
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis
FMEA Information Center
Severity, Occurrence, and Detection Criteria for Design FMEA
History of FMEA
FMEA Definitions
Successful Product Launch - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FMEA Software
Anticipatory failure determination (AFD) The Experience of Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD) Method Applied to an Engine Concern
Failure reporting & corrective action system (FRACAS) Failure Reporting, Analysis & Corrective Action System
Failure Reporting & Corrective Action System
Problem Reporting and Corrective Action System
Heading Off Premature Failure
Fault tree analysis What is Fault Tree Analysis
Fault Trees And Reliability Block Diagrams
Reliability prediction What is Reliability Prediction?
Reliability Prediction Models
Reliability Predictions
Reliability Modeling
Reliability Predictions: Parts Count, Part Stress, Pseudo Stress and Dormant Better Reliability Predictions Using Experience Data
Assessing Product Reliability
Highly accelerated life testing/stress screening (ALT, HALT, HASS) Accelerated Life Testing Reference
Quantitative Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis
Accelerated Life Testing...Why?
What is Accelerated Life Testing
Types of Accelerated Tests
Reliability Testing
Human factors and ergonomics Usernomics
Introduction to Usability
Usability Methods
Human Factors Awareness Course (FAA)
Introduction to Human Factors in Medical Devices Anthropometric Data
Design for maintainability/serviceability Maintainability Engineering
Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Program
Maintainability Assessment
Maintainability Modeling
Design for Supportability
Design for safety / Hazard analysis Hazard Analysis in Engineering Design
Approaches to Safety Engineering
Safety Engineering
Design for the environment (DFE) Design for the Environment - Life Cycle Analysis
Life Cycle Analysis and Design
Introduction to Green Design
Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment
Life Cycle Assessment Case Study of a Business Telephone
Environmental Activities in Product Development at Samsung
Samsung Green Management System
Design For Environment (DFE)
DFE - Product Design and Optimisation
DFE - Materials and Recycling
HP Design for the Environment Guidelines
GDRC Design for Environment Guidelines
Bombardier Design for Environment Guidelines
Design for testability (DFT) Design for Testability
Decreasing the Cost of Test with Automatic Test Pattern Generation
DILDIS Design for Testability
Design for Testability-Full Scan
VLSI Testing and Design for Testability Research
Designing for Testability
Design for Testability and Scan
Design for Testability Technique for RTL Circuits
System Design for Test Papers
Design for Testability - Software Design for Testability-Software
Design-for-Testability for Object-Oriented Software
Design for Testability, Agile Testing, and Testing Processes
Software Design and Testability
Design for Testability

Data interchange When Data Transfer Goes Awry
Combating CAD File Translation
Integrated Feature-Based CAD Data Exchange
CAD Data Exchange (Wikipedia)
Perfecting the Science of Interoperability
Feature-Based Interoperability Goes Global
Real MCAD Data Exchange: Part 1
Real MCAD Data Exchange: Part 2
Common Language - XML
Translation Time
Product models / Standard for the exchange of product model data (STEP) STEP Parts and Documents
STEP on a Page
STEP Data Exchange Standard Moves Into Implementation Phase
STEP ISO 10303
Introduction to ISO 10303 - the STEP Standard for Product Data Exchange
STEP - An International Standard for Data Exchange
Product data management (PDM) / Product information management (PIM) / Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) PLM Articles
Product Lifecycle Management Technical Papers
The Changing Face of Product Lifecycle Management
Product Lifecycle Management
Product Lifecycle Management (Wikipedia)
Tying All Company Technologies Through One PLM System
Applying "Lean" Product Lifecycle Management to Design and Engineering
Introduction to Product Lifecycle Management
Standards and Guidelines Affecting PLM
Product structure / bills of material Engineering Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials (wikipedia)
How the Bill of Materials Affects Product Development
Put Your BOM to Work
Item Identification Rules
NPD Document Management NPD Document Management
Collaborative product commerce/collaborative product computing/collaborative product development Software Survey: Collaborative Product Commerce
Leveraging "Collaborative Product Commerce"
What Makes CPD Collaborative?
Groupware & workflow Groupware: Introduction
Groupware: Applications
Introduction to Workflow
Capabilities of the Workflow Management System
Collaborative computing Collaborative Software
How Web-Enabled Tools Can Help Optimize New Product Initiatives
Online Design
Collaborative Software Tools: the Design Fast Track?
Customer Collaboration Counts
Be More Productive through Project Collaboration (Jan 2005)
System engineering tools System Engineering Tools
Requirements Management Technology Overview
Requirements Management Tools
Specialty Engineering Tools
Computer-aided industrial design (CAID), modeling & rendering Computer-Aided Industrial Design as a Catalyst for Collaboration
Industrial Design And The Shape Of Things To Come
Mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) and solids modeling Computer-Aided Design
Solids Modeling
Map the Technology to the Need: Drafting vs. Wireframe vs. Surfacing vs. Solids
Migrating from 2D to 3D
To be or not to be Parametric? That is the question
Solid Modeling Tips
Understanding Variable-Driven Modeling
Why moving to solids makes sense
Hybrid Modeling—Where Solids Meet Surfaces
Add Value with Methodology
Accelerating Design for Complex Products (May 2005)
The Pros and Cons of CAD
Assembly modeling / electronic mock-up / digital pre-assembly The Potential for Assembly Modeling in Product Development
Assembly Modeling for Product Design and Analysis
3D Collaboration
Visualization Visualization Technologies Overview
Visualization and Viewing Technology
Interactive 3D Visualization Heats Up: Part 1
The Virtual Workspace
Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing: Why?
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Electronic CAD (ECAD) CAD Group Publications
In Search of the Best Tools for DSP Design
Bridging the Gap Between ECAD and MCAD (May 2005)
Top-down design / Hardware-software co-design Software/Hardware Codesign
Bibliography of Hardware/Software Codesign
Computer-aided engineering (CAE) Pushing the Design Envelope with CAE
CAE Data Management Takes Shape
Simulation and analysis / Virtual Prototyping Analysis Overview
Virtual Prototyping Vs. Physical Prototyping (June 2001)
Digital Engineering: Functional Virtual Prototyping (Aug 2000 & Sept 2000)
Virtual Products - Interactive Product Simulation Software
Validating Design Digitally
Finite element analysis (FEA) Finite Element Analysis Overview
New Ideas in Fatigue Analysis
Elements of Finite Element Analysis
Complex Analyses Need High-End FEA
Simultaneous Design and Analysis without Meshing
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Computational Fluid Dynamics Overview
CFD Online Resources
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Conputational Fluid Dynmanics Modeling
CFD Online Wiki
Kinematic and dynamic analysis Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis Overview
Visualizing Systems in Motion
Design optimization A Discussion on Modern Design Optimization Tools
Multi-physics analysis Multiphysics - More than One Force of Nature
Solving for heat, stress, flow, and more
Multiphysics for Exhaust System Analysis
Moving Up to Multiphysics Analysis
Knowledge-based engineering (KBE) What is Knowledge-Based Engineering (Jan 2003)
Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) Computer Aided Software Engineering
Rapid prototyping (RP) Rapid prototyping
Rapid prototyping (SLA)
Growth Trends and Advances in Rapid Prototyping
Good, Better and Best: Selecting the Right Rapid Prototyping Technology (Sept 2005)
Rapid Prototyping Home Page
Rapid Prototyping-Wikipedia
Rapid tooling Rapid Tooling
Accuracy in Rapid Tooling (September 2000)
RT Moves Into a New Realm (March 2001)
Rapid manufacturing / free form fabrication Rapid Production: Key Barriers to Growth (April 2001)
Direct Digital Manufacturing
Rapid Manufacturing's Role in the Factory of the Future
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
CNC Machining — Move your Model to Metal
Feature Recognition—The Missing Link To Automated CAM
CAD to CAM: Where it Started and Where It’s Going
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