Product Development Process

New Product Development Body of Knowledge

The NPD Body of Knowledge is organized into five major categories as shown under the Important Links to the right. Under each major category, there are sub-categories with the links in the left column going to internal site pages and the links in the left column going to external pages. We apologize for external links that have been deleted or changed.

Product Development Process
Capability maturity model People Capability Maturity Model
Product development process Improving Process Maturity to Compete in the Desktop Printer Market
A Business Case for Improved Project Practices
Conceptual Design
Product Realization Process
Defining the Product Development Process
An Overview of the Design Process
Reengineering product development Redesigning the Product Development Process
Business Process Reengineering papers & articles
Business Process Reengineering
Software Process Improvement
Strategic Business Process Analysis and Reengineering
Value Stream Analysis and Mapping for Product Development
Value Stream Analysis
Enterprise Value Stream Mapping
Getting the Most from Continuous Improvement Efforts
Lessons learned Lessons Learned Checklist
Best practices 20 Key Elements (BPs) of Product Realization Process
Practices to Achieve Hyper-Compression in Product Development
Integrated Product Development Lessons Learned
Basics of New Product Development (APQC White Paper)
Lockheed Martin IPD Best Practices
Applying Lean Principles to Product Development
The Invisible Success Factors in Product Innovation-Cooper
Benchmarking Seven Steps to Effective Competitor Benchmarking
Benchmarking (LAI)
Metrics & performance measures Monitoring Metrics Puts You in the Driver’s Seat
NPD Performance Measurement
Lean product development Strategies for Lean Product Development
Capsule Summaries of Key Lean Concepts
Lean Engineering: Doing the Right Thing Right
Principles of Lean Thinking
Tutorial on Lean Design
Applying Lean Principles to Product Development
Streamlined from the Start
Stage / phase-gate process and gate reviews Optimizing Cost, Risk & Time-to-Market with a Gate Review Process
Gate Review Definition
Gate Review and Design Review Timing
Gate Meetings
Business Tools for Technology Transfer-Stage Gate
Rockwell’s Re-Engineering – Gates
Design structure matrix Task-Based DSMs
Methods for Analyzing Design Procedures
Tools for Innovation: Design Structure Matrix
Design Structure Matrix Tutorial
Pipeline management Product Planning
New Directions in Pipeline Management
Managing the Pipeline
Supply and Demand
Design reviews Design Review Definition and Agenda
Design Reviews
Design Reviews
Guidelines for Six Sigma Design Reviews–Part One
Guidelines for Six Sigma Design Reviews–Part Two
Requirements definition & management Characteristics of Good Requirements
Using Requirements Management to Speed Delivery of Higher Quality Applications
Requirements Management Links
Applying Requirements Management with Use Cases
Functional Requirements and Use Cases
Evolving Beyond Requirements Creep: A Risk-Based Evolutionary Prototyping Model
Applying Requirements Management To Medical Devices Utilizing Software
Product specifications Product Design Specification
The Product Design Specification
References for Product Design Specification
Systems engineering process What is Systems Engineering
Pragmatic Principles
Relationship of Systems Engineering to the Project Cycle
Twelve System Engineering Roles
A Systems Engineering Environment for Integrated Automotive Deevelopment
Systems Thinking and Systems Engineering
Configuration management / Engineering change control Configuration Management Papers
Software Configuration and Change Management
CM Infrastructure and Terminologies
Engineering Change Management in Three Swedish Engineering Companies
Configuration Management Paradigms and CMII Principles Item Revision Rules
Terminology: Revision vs. Version
Change Form Rules
Risk management Risk Management
Risk Management articles
Take Calculated Risks
Software Risk Management
Risk Assessment
Balancing Fast Time-to-Market with Project Risk (May 2004)
Universal Risk Project
Software development Applying Systems Thinking to the Issues of Software Product Development
Software Classic Mistakes
What Have We Learned
16 Critical Software Practices for Performance-Based Management
Managing Major Distributed Software Development
Software Design for Reliability
Lean software development Lean Software Development
Introduction to Lean Software Development
Lean Programming
Lean Software Development
Lean Software Development Overview
Lean Software Development
Amplify Learning
Testing, qualification and certification Types of Testing
Software Quality Management
Software Testing and Software Development Lifecycles
Software Unit Testing
What Happens When You Don’t Have a Test Plan?
Product launch 6 Secrets of a Winning Product Launch
The Five Secrets Of A Successful Launch
Tips for Product Launch Marketing Success
Online Product Launch Strategies
Lessons from New Product Launches
Launching A New Product
7 Steps To Product Launch Marketing Success
Project planning and management Project Management Body of Knowledge (1996 Edition)
Project Management Body of Knowledge (2000 Edition)
All About Project Management
Project Management
Critical Path Analysis (Mind Tools)
Use Project Management Tools to Build a Project Team
Evolution of the Project Office
Robust Project Planning-1
Robust Project Planning-2
Project Execution
Software Project Management
Project Management
Managing the Project Budget & Schedule
Project Management Using Microsoft Project®
A Primer on Phased Project Management Techniques (Jan 2003)
Project Planning: A Step by Step Guide
Resource planning and management Resource Management Definition
Resource Leveling Definition
The Difference between Resource Loading and Resource Leveling
Project Management Resource Allocation
Resource Allocation: Do You Overwork Your Resources?
Why Fire Fighting is Never Enough
Project Crashing: What Options Do You Have?
Project Resource Management
Multi-Tasking is Costing Us Billions-1
Multi-Tasking is Costing Us Billions-2
Resource Planning and Management
Critical chain project management (CCPM) Critical Chain Project Management Definition
Critical Chain Project Management Overview
Application of CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management) to generate gains for industrial customers
Critical Chain Project Management: An Introduction, Part 1 of 2
Critical Chain Project Management: An Introduction, Part 2 of 2
Critical Chain Scheduling
Critical Chain and Risk Management
Critical Chain
Roles and Responsibilities Of Stakeholders In A Multi-Project TOC Organization
The Critical Chain Model
Critical Chain and the design process
Schedule and Cost Buffer Sizing