Organization and Teams

New Product Development Body of Knowledge

The NPD Body of Knowledge is organized into five major categories as shown under the Important Links to the right. Under each major category, there are sub-categories with the links in the left column going to internal site pages and the links in the left column going to external pages. We apologize for external links that have been deleted or changed.

Organization and Teams
Management leadership Authentic Leadership
Shirking Responsibility
Effective Leadership: A Very Old Formula
101 Secrets Of Leadership
The Modern Leader’s Role
Engineering Management
Engineering Leadership Skills Matrix
Engineering Management Assessment
Five Things You Need to Know About Engineering Management
Product development teams
Integrated product teams
How to Grow Dream Teams
The Software Development Team
Working Groups or Teams
Charge Up Your New Product Development Teams (Nov 2003)
Program management team / System integration team / Core team Core Team
Team structure / program structure Organization Structure
The Organisation
Organization Structure
Organizing for Product Development
Staffing and assignment Multitasking Makes You Stupid
Teamwork Teamwork Strategies for Managers
Core Values for Functional Teams
Team Roles
Teamwork: Are Your Teams High-Performing or Dysfunctional?
Team launch and team building Getting Teams to Really Work
7 Ingredients to Create a Super Team
Team Kickoffs: A Practical Approach to Help Achieve High Performance
Process Mapping & Alignment
Team closure / disbanding Team Closure
Change management Force Field Analysis
Coping with Change: Different Personality Styles
Resistance to Change
Empowerment & self-direction How to Manage Like a Coach, Not a Cop
Employee Commitment
Collaboration Leadership and Constructive Collaboration
Communication Aids Design
The Substance of Our Styles
Collocation Collocation and Effective Teamwork
Co-locating Team Members
Virtual collocation & virtual teams Virtual Teams
Trust in Virtual Teams
Communication The Lost Art of Listening
Ten Tips to Cultivate Communication
Communicating by “Type”
Developing a Common Language
Critical Listening
Critical Speaking
Critical Writing
Persuasive Business Writing
Effective team meetings Creative and Productive Meetings
So You’re Leading a Meeting?
Team groundrules
Conflict resolution / Consensus decision-making System Approach to Win-Win Resolution of Conflicts
The Culture of Decision-Making
The Power of Agreement
Mistakes to Avoid in Decision Making
Making Engineering Design Decisions
Defined roles & responsibilities Roles & Responsibilities
Who – When Maps
Team charter Team charter example
Team leader Undercurrents in Leading Project Teams
Becoming a Facilitative Leader
Team Leadership: Emerging Challenges
Engineering Project Leader Assessment
Flat organization structure Oticon’s Organization Structure for Product Development
Early supplier involvement / supplier integration It’s in the Design
Sun Microsystem’s Early Supplier Involvement Program
Beyond Early Supplier Involvement
Integrating NPD and the Supply Chain
Supply Chain Strategies
Balanced Purchasing
Resource management Managing Fires That Slow Down Projects
Team-oriented performance measures Improving Performance Management
Recognition & reward system How to Keep Incentives from Becoming Entitlements
Having Fun with Reward and Recognition
Pay Innovators Right
Abolishing Performance Appraisals
Team Compensation